4 Robotic & Cognitive Automation Use Cases in Asset Management

Robotic & Cognitive Automation (R&CA) replicates human actions and judgement at tremendous speed, scale and quality, and lower cost.

Frontend software technology has come to the point that enables software robots (Bots) to perform human actions and automate repetitive tasks across multiple business applications. The technology is developing fast and can be described by three categories depending on the level of “intelligence”:

1. Robotics:

“Mimics Human Actions” – Robots that follow a set of pre-defined rules that describe tasks

2. Cognitive Automation:

“Mimics/Augments Quantitative Human Judgment”/”Augments Human Intelligence” – Robots that can understand unstructured data, human communication (e.g. voice or email) and draw conclusions from data cross-checking

3. Artificial Intelligence:

“Mimics Human Intelligence”– Robots that learn from experience in the same way as humans do in order to perform complex tasks without human interference

R&CA penetration has varied across industry sectors-Insurance and Asset Management are lagging behind Banking and Securities. While Asset Management organizations initially showed restraint when embarking on their robotics journey, they are swiftly gaining momentum as they progress through the phase of maturity

4 R&CA use cases that are common across Asset Management industry:


Creating a Robotic & Cognitive Automation strategy: In this rapid adoption phase of robotics and cognitive automation enterprise-wide; to maintain your competitive advantage, you too need an enterprise-wide view on automation. So:

  • Develop a strategy that aligns global and local requirements
  • Design an Operating Model to implement automation strategy
  • Identify two processes to review for the initial pilot, one each for robotic process automaton and cognitive automation
  • Finalize automation tool and initiate PoC

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