4 ways to enhance efficiency with a business intelligence solution

A business intelligence platform brings a variety of benefits to a business. However, in order to optimize its use and ensure that a firm is maximizing its bottom line with the help of business analytics solutions, there are several additional steps that every company needs to take.

The business intelligence solution that firms adopt determines how successful they are at harnessing data and funneling it into the areas they need the most improvement. From underwriting to claims management software, insurers may need help in a specific area rather than across all of their operations, and targeting analytics solutions will help them achieve their goals and spread the benefits. The following tips not only improve the flow of operations, but help firms optimize returns on their investment.

1. Align strategies with resources

It’s one thing to invest in predictive analytics, but providers also need to realign their business strategies to focus data toward those solutions and ensure that they are optimizing their use. This means focusing on accountability and creating metrics that improve workflow, rather than having analytics break up current practices and interrupt operations. By streamlining strategies to incorporate analytics as a key function, firms will be able to keep their costs low and focus on improving risk management and controlling revenue.

2. Give employees control

Predictive analytics solutions work best when employees are trained in their use and given free reign to use the tools as they need. Hindering the use of data will only slow down processes, but trusting employees to capitalize on the solutions to make their jobs easier will drive success and help them make more informed decisions when it comes to underwriting or claims management.

3. Determine value of data assets

One of the key benefits that predictive analytics supply is the ability to determine the value of data for an insurance provider, and by focusing on that value before allowing a BI solution to do its job, a firm is only slowing down the process. Additionally, by reducing the time spent in this area, carriers will be able to spend it on other mission-critical areas of operation, expanding the benefits significantly.

4. Focus on productivity

By implementing a high-quality predictive analytics solution, firms are able to focus their energies on productivity, rather than on the minor details that can slow down employees. The right tools in the right hands will provide significant benefits overall.


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