Artificial Intelligence at Google IO & MS Build 2019

This month saw two major events of 2019, Google IO & MS Build. What stood out in both these events was AI (Artificial Intelligence). It literally broke the internet, everyone was talking about it- tech and non-tech!

And rightly so, there were some really exciting announcements. Here are some interesting AI related offerings by Google & Microsoft.



AI is not just going to play a role in Google’s myriad products, AI is going to revolutionize everything Google does. Google revealed advancements in voice commands being faster and seamless in real time.  By moving NLP models into the edge to eliminate latency, the idea is to move AI from the cloud into the phone. Result, 10x faster than the present speed!

Google Assistant now will respond to requests in real time across multiple apps using voice commands on the phone.  You can compose messages, make calls, search for info without a single tap on the phone. You are going to be talking more and typing way less, in fact, your phone keys are going to be oh-so-previous-gen very soon. Unless of course, you do not anyone to know what you are searching and use the phone keys.

Google announced Project Euphonia, where AI can better recognize speech from people with speech impairments and irregular speech patterns. By input of data/recordings of voices with speech impairment, Google can custom tailor or correct the speech by developing their speech recognition models.

Move over, Duplex has arrived and how! Duplex is going to be the assistant you never had, the time that you wished you could save. Essentially Duplex is an exercise in training AI to accomplish familiar tasks.  The demo showed asking Assistant ” make a car reservation for my next trip” and it opens the rental website and automatically fills out the form. You still will be in control of the flow with opportunities to make changes. But what it does is makes it simpler to fill forms or enter details with fewer taps making life easier. This is not a custom integration and takes no part in the business for this to work.


Some impressive developments at the Build conference, Microsoft released various new AI integrated tools for developers. “The number one goal for us is, thus, to make it really simple and make the developers and data scientists more productive,” said Bharat Sandhu, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft during the Build conference. Automated ML was the star of the show, the new implementations which are essentially part of Azure Machine learning services makes it simpler and easier to use even for people who have “zero coding skills”. With data scientist roles very hard to fill and Azure Machine Learning Services with all its new offerings from Automated ML, practically anyone can now create challenging AI models at ease.

Another interesting but foreseen development was integrating AI with its Office Franchise. This integration is made to simplify the lives of its users, be it content writers on word, reporting & data analysis on Excel and Outlook for just about anyone.

With privacy being a big concern, Bharath Sandhu said “All these AI services can be customized with customers’ data. But that customized model and customized data live in the customer subscription — in their account and not in our account. We give them the techniques and allow them to use it themselves or how they can do it, but the data lives in their walled garden.”


Both Google Io and MS Build had a lot packed up in their conferences. Both these tech giants have increased focus on privacy, security, inclusive AI and more. The timelines to when we will see these features, however, were all over the place at the moment, but most of the features should be out by the end of the year said Google. We cannot wait for these features to be out! Only time will tell.


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