Sakshi Bhalla

    Given the sudden explosion of raw unstructured and semi-structured data over the last decade or so it was prudent that there has to be a separate storage reservoir and mechanism to store and retrieve useful information from this data. A data lake provides a very robust and versatile architecture at an enterprise level
SSIS has evolved a lot since the days of its predecessor DTS. Today SSIS is one of the most sought after ETL tool in the market. There are multiple features that are inbuilt in SSIS that can perform varied level of repetitive tasks with little or no manual intervention. Though the inbuilt architecture of SSIS
Top 8 Cloud Datawarehousing Technologies At a time where information and insights from data are the most significant assets that any business has, implementing data warehouse solutions has been more critical than it has been at any other time in the past. So, what exactly does a data warehouse mean? In a nutshell, a Data Warehouse is a basic data
Enterprises using monolithic systems to support large applications find it increasingly difficult to respond to evolving business priorities and rising customer expectations. Each functionality is built together as one single block, and it’s almost impossible to change or update a portion of it, without overhauling the complete monolith. Due to this, enterprises are rapidly exploring
Big Data and Machine Learning Given the availability of a huge data pool, the manufacturing industry has started optimising areas that have the most impact on production activities with a data-driven approach. With access to real-time shop floor data manufacturing companies have the capability to conduct sophisticated statistical analysis using big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to find new business
Talk of blockchain technology is everywhere, it seems — but what is it, and what does it do?   1. Don’t call it “the” blockchain The first thing to know about the blockchain is, there isn’t one: there are many. Blockchains are distributed, tamper-proof public ledgers of transactions. The most well-known is the record of
The-8-Things-a-Chatbot-needs-to-be-called-Intelligent As the internet has grown so has folks’ tendency to chat instead of talk. Whether it’s booking an appointment at your local paediatrician or asking your boyfriend if he wants to go out for some pasta, people like texting. This is what chatbots want to capitalize on – People’s aversion to talking on the phone. Companies all
You don’t need us to tell you that the data world – and everything it touches, which is, like, everything – is changing rapidly. These trends are driving the opportunities that will fuel your career adventure over these next few years. At the heart of these trends is a massive wave of data being generated
Data Quality in Data Science In this era when Data Science and AI are evolving quickly. Critical business decisions are being taken and strategies being built on the output from such algorithms, ensuring their efficacy becomes extremely important. When the majority of the time of any data science project is spent in data preprocessing it becomes extremely important to have