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Apache Spark-Java vs Scala vs Python

This article compares three languages supported by Apache Spark-Java vs Scala vs Python and helps understand which language is better out of all 3.

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Optimizing Apache Spark Workloads

Optimizing Apache Spark workloads offers efficient big data processing and here are some tips that one can use to do that.

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Enterprise Big Data Adoption: How to secure Big Data skill needs?

This article addresses the 3 key things an enterprise can do to secure big data skill needs in absence of skilled talent pool.

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Role of Big Data and Machine Learning in Manufacturing Industry

Leveraging big data is imperative as information is at the core of business and growth of manufacturing businesses. In this blog article, we take a look at how big data analytics and machine learning are transforming the manufacturing sector.

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Blockchain : 5 Things you should know about it

Talk of blockchain technology is everywhere, it seems — but what is it, and what does it do? 1. Don’t call it “the” blockchain The first thing to know about…

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5 groundbreaking things Big Data is doing

No wonder Big Data has come as a bliss for enterprises but this article talks about some exciting ways Big Data is changing our lives:

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Chief Data Officer : Why your firm needs one ?

Data has become more than just a buzzword — it is now the blood that runs through the veins of every organization, big or small. Raw data describes the facts…

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Achieving Success With Your Big Data Initiatives – A Vendor’s Perspective

Big data analytics offers revolutionary capabilities but achieving results requires a strategic vision—and a view into how it can create business value. Over the last few years, the term “big…

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Improving Data Collection in Retail: Email Sign-ups and Sales Associates as Critical Points of Interaction

Companies can collect more data from customers at key points of interaction to enhance their knowledge. In the case of retail, two key opportunities exist to improve data collection: Email…

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Unstructured Data: Value of No-SQL

World today is producing lot more data than before. IBM estimates that 90% of the total data in the world today has been created in the past 2 years. It…