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Data Driven Compensation Benchmarking

Read this article to understand “what is data driven compensation benchmarking” and how machine learning can help organization perform this.

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Driving User Retention for Online Gaming Platforms

Read this article to understand how Machine Learning is driving user retention for online gaming platforms and mobile applications.

HR Analytics Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Employee Attrition Prediction Using Machine Learning

Employee attrition is a major cost to an organization but analysts can build machine learning models to predict employee leaving the organization.

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Data Science in Talent Acquisition: Optimising Resume Screening & Likelihood of Candidate Joining

Read this article to understand how data science in talent acquisition is gaining popularity to optimise resume screening & likelihood of candidate joining!

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Deployment of Machine Learning Models – Tools, Method and Approach

Deployment of machine learning models is the process of making ML models available to business systems. Read this article to know this process in detail!

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3 Applications of AI-Driven Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Here are 3 applications of competitive intelligence analysis that companies can implement to boost return on investment and improve business performance!

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Infograph: Data Leakage in Machine Learning

This infographic explains what data leakage in machine learning is and how one can detect and prevent it while building a machine learning model.

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Machine Learning and Equity Investment

Read here to know how Machine Learning could help investors take data driven investment decisions and disrupt the stock market investment!

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Role of Big Data and Machine Learning in Manufacturing Industry

Leveraging big data is imperative as information is at the core of business and growth of manufacturing businesses. In this blog article, we take a look at how big data analytics and machine learning are transforming the manufacturing sector.