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Driving User Retention for Online Gaming Platforms

Read this article to understand how Machine Learning is driving user retention for online gaming platforms and mobile applications.

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Employee Attrition Prediction Using Machine Learning

Employee attrition is a major cost to an organization but analysts can build machine learning models to predict employee leaving the organization.

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4 Use Cases of Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas Industry

To limit downtime and minimize risks, oil and gas companies are leveraging advanced analytics. Read the 4 use cases of Predictive Analytics oil and gas companies use to improve performance!

Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics

4 ways to enhance efficiency with a business intelligence solution

The mentioned tips not only improve the flow of operations, but also help enterprises optimize returns on their investment:

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Chief Data Officer : Why your firm needs one ?

Data has become more than just a buzzword — it is now the blood that runs through the veins of every organization, big or small. Raw data describes the facts…

Advanced Analytics Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Credit Risk Scorecard Monitoring and Tracking

Nowadays, Retail Banks are more focused on finding or discriminating the right clients and the wrong ones (Defaulters). From a Credit Risk perspective, a Good Client will be a customer/applicant who has least chances to do default (a low-risk client) i.e. the applicant has low chances to perform default in his obligations. This detection process of identifying or separating a Good & bad applicant/client is where Credit Risk Scorecard comes into play.

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Deploying Predictive Models

Over the last decade, we have seen tremendous interest in the application of data mining and statistical algorithms, first in research and science and, more recently across

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Improving Predictions with Ensemble Model

Introduction “Alone we can do so little and together we can do much” – a phrase from Helen Keller during 50’s is a reflection of achievements and successful stories in…

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Dimension Reduction in Predictive Modeling

With the advent of “big data”, data scientists have to deal with the problem of information overload and the concept of Dimension Reduction has become a vital part of their…

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5 Ways for Apparel Retailers to Boost the Impact of their Content in 2016

Apparel retailers have a need to understand how their best front-line employees deliver value and then create content from that input it in many consumable ways — digitally and otherwise….