Chat Bots


Chatbots are AI powered virtual assistants that allow you to create intelligent and immersive dialogue with your customers and service their needs at fraction of cost. These platforms use text as a medium of communication and can integrate with different customer touch points i.e. Mobile, Website, Social Media etc. through open APIs.  Creating user friendly chatbot applications that can adapt to variety of ways a user can engage, account for emotions, spelling mistakes and disambiguate between pronouns is a challenging affair and some of these problem subsets are a topic of research.

However, we believe that approach to creating a best chatbot application is not just technology (there are limitations) but handling customer dialogue elegantly in relation to industry application.

Valiance with its deep business understanding and technical know how helps financial services, educational and retail clients create customer friendly chatbot platforms leveraging proprietary and open source bot frameworks, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) expertise.


These are AI Driven web scalable platforms that respond to incoming customer queries and requests at fraction of cost. You can automate frequently asked questions (FAQs), requests and integrate the platform through open APIs with your customer touch points.


Bots with such features act as agents on behalf of customers and perform specific action such as recharge of mobile or wallet, transfer balance to another account or pay bills, moving data from one platform to another.

Case Studies

Chatbots for FAQ’s

Chatbot application for answering customer inquiries related to product features & order process.

Transactional Chatbot

Chatbot application for processing transaction requests on behalf of customer.

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