Cognitive Automation


Cognitive Automation is a software to automate knowledge work. It leverages diverse AI based technologies like machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), natural language processing, chatbots, image recognition, speech to text and so on. With Cognitive Automation, companies are automating from structured, rule based tasks to complex tasks that will comprehend unstructured data, derive patterns and make judgements.

Cognitive Automation can ingest corpus of information. It can assimilate thousands of documents, understand the context of that knowledge and either advise an action for the end-user or offer a recommended action with a specified degree of certainty. Cognitive Automation augments human intelligence and judgement at tremendous speed, scale and quality, and lower cost-all of which make it hugely powerful.

Valiance, with its advanced machine learning and cognitive engineering capabilities, implements end to end automation where human discretion is required and solve problems like fraud detection, news analysis, image recognition and email spam filtering.
Our data science team uses sophisticated predictive and machine learning techniques to determine the action that needs to be taken and then connect directly with an automation robot to actually take that action and improve and learn. It helps organizations to do more with less effort and improve quality and productivity using information never before available.

Account receivables, account payables, reconciliations, KYC client refresh, portfolio commentary, retirals plan setup

Invoicing process, Supplier data management

Employee onboarding, payroll

IT Ops
IT service management, user management, monitoring, routing, reporting

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