Credit Risk & Fraud

Minimize Risk through AI based Credit Risk assessment & Real-time Fraud Detection

Transform Credit Risk Management through AI based credit risk assessment and monitoring solutions. Automate the process of profiling clients based on their risk profile and identify low risk, high value borrowers. Minimize risk and improve compliance through accurate estimation on how much to lend and generate early warning alerts for proactive risk management & compliance.

Real-time Fraud Detection for automated analysis of transactional data and timely reporting of fraud attempts. It detects anomalies and fraud prevention through Neural network-based models that analyze customer profiles, behavioral patterns, and preferences.  Fintech companies can identify suspicious merchants by automatically verifying  the authenticity of their KYC documents using computer vision and pattern matching algorithms.


Increase Cost Saving

Preventing or minimizing fraud reduces losses and associated costs and hence improves profits. It also helps organizations focus on their core business and provide better customer service.

Minimize Risk

Automatic risk assessment based customer profiling helps in identifying the legitimate and high value customers and also reduces turn around time.

Build Customer Trust

A reliable fraud detection system develops trust for the brand in customer’s mind and increases credibility.

Enhance Customer Experience

Build a positive customer experience with faster interventions in case of any malicious acts.

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