Customer Service is the Secret Weapon in the Personalization Game

The most personal brand conversations B-to-C companies are having today occur in a service center or on a retail floor. If CMOs want to personalize the customer experience they should include servicing interactions (e.g. digital, live phone, mobile app, etc.) in their purview and partner internally to resolve key pain-points for customers; first in a reactive and then in a proactive manner.

There are three reasons for starting the personalization journey with servicing operations beyond the obvious fact that the servicing channel represents the majority of the one-to-one conversations a business has with it’s customers:

1)  Most service interactions are supported by enough technology today that key information can be provided to Service Representatives to resolve/exceed customer needs. That same technology infrastructure allows for robust data collection.
2)  This ability to collect robust data makes the in-bound service experience quantifiable. Creating the right measurement techniques and KPIs allow CMOs to benchmark and then improve the customer experience over time.
3)  Predictive analytics and sophisticated call volume forecasting enables companies to anticipate issues and work proactively to resolve customer pain points.

In short, marketing organizations can turn what’s widely been viewed as a corporate cost into a loyalty building, concierge-like strategy where customer needs are anticipated and proactively managed. By providing customers with DIY access to information, incorporating high-touch proactive outreach and empowering the front-line service professionals to resolve every issue, companies can begin to meet and exceed customer needs. This type of strategy can’t be created if customer data isn’t fully integrated and analyzed.

The Personalization Game is all about data first. Get the data right and marketing can start to take a more commanding role in shaping the overall customer experience across all brand contacts. Click here to download our Personalization white paper to learn about the six data building blocks required to create a robust personalization strategy.  Customer service data is just one.


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