Data Quality and Enrichment

Improve your data quality & data usability using our proprietary AI algorithms

Valiance brings together a suite of proprietary algorithms for data cleaning, harmonization & enrichment as SAAS or on-premise offering.  The AI platform coupled with financial ontology delivers upto 70% reduction in time & cost with high degree of accuracy, 90% and above. Platform has been tested successfully with global Fortune 100 clients.



Uncover Customer Intelligence
  • Automates data cleansing – suggestions for data quality criteria for various tables and columns

  • Analyst can update criteria and parameters as required, system learns from Analyst’s actions

Data Quality Dashboards
  • Visualize overall DQ, table/column specific DQ results

  • Identify, extract & curate anomalous data using DQ dashboards

Various Pre-processing Options
  • Standardize address components ((e.g. rd -> road, av, ave ->avenue etc) and business suffixes for the company.

  • Combine and derive new attributes

Digitization and Reconciliation of Documents
  • Support for pdf, image, excel, jpeg, other formats and Wide coverage of documents, namely, Accounting statements, Mortgage documents, Contract agreement, Invoices and other forms with ability to train on new documents in short time.

  • Auto-correction of errors and recommendation with pre-built reconciliation modules.