data_magicianIsn’t it true? Isn’t this what most of the business folks and CXO’s expect from their data science teams? Yes in fact, this is what we have been told in nearly all of conferences we attend. Thumping case studies, feverish pitch makes one believe in the story and you walk out with a true sense of achieving same magic for you.
I too am believer in this pitch and that defines our very existence. Everyone including me would like to hire that magician who could talk business, has strong problem solving skills, has in depth knowledge of applied mathematics and statistics and finally explain stuff with simplicity and patience of monk to rest of us. Such a person may exist but how many of us can find one or need one or let’s say even afford one? What should we do?
This Whole( magician) is greater than sum of its parts, namely, business folks, statisticians, data processing guys in this case. We can live with less I suppose for the moment and try to maximize what we can get with sum of parts. To get the wheels running its very important for you as a business leader to play your part well. Its you who need to connect the dots for your team, phrase right questions, question outcomes. Some basic understanding of statistics is definite plus as it will help you to converse in language of mathematics with your team and question the technical approach and outcomes. I wish you best in this journey with rewarding outcomes. Do share your thoughts with me!!

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