Enable remote asset monitoring, anomaly detection & predictive maintenance use cases using our IOT enabled platform

Valiance provides a proprietary IOT based platform to enable remote monitoring & diagnostics of power plant’s physical assets. Platform uses a combination of various sensors together with scalable cloud software to deliver real-time view into asset’s health for the operational teams along with enabling business stakeholders insight into plant efficiency and output.



Centralized Monitoring

Centrally monitor operational parameters and health of your plant assets in real time. Deep dive into historical data, correlate between different parameters.

Highly Configurable

Define customized alerts and notifications based on specific thresholds of device sensors. Add or remove physical asses and attach / detach sensors as needed.

Scalable and Secure

Built natively for the cloud to handle high volume and velocity of data. Easily scale to any number of sensor devices and control, who can access what data from the control tower.

Role Based Views

Reports operational parameters for plant team with operational dashboards.Businesses can separately view high-level efficiency and output metrics of plants and assets by locations.

Anomaly Detection

Auto-detects anomalies in sensor data by analyzing historical patterns and each device’s configurations. Alerts can be scheduled to send to responsible personnel

Maintenance Cost

Reduce your cost of maintenance and unplanned downtime with timely detection of anomalies, device faults