Machine Learning


Machine Learning, the ability to predict future actions based on historical data has entered into the mainstream of business analytics. It helps in optimizing marketing campaigns with increased conversions and clicks, identifying fraudulent transactions and claims for financial services firms, reducing the lending risk for lenders, saving maintenance cost for industrial equipment and a lot more. With predictive insight, it doesn’t get more actionable than to go beyond knowing what has happened in the past to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Valiance brings deep knowledge and understanding of setting up machine learning capabilities across industries through open source and proprietary solutions. This encompasses ability to create data pipelines that feed analytics layer, set up machine learning infrastructure for creation and deployment of algorithms and APIs that integrate with end channels.


Create personalized dialogue with your visitors & customers by analyzing their behavior and purchase patterns.

AI Automation

Intelligently automate your repetitive & manual tasks thus allowing your workforce to focus on productive work.


Mitigate credit risk by analyzing data from varied sources and correlating with default behavior.

IOT Analytics

Discover patterns & insights that lead to machine failure and implement pro-active maintenance strategies.

Case Studies

Content Recommendation

Created recommendation algorithms to recommendations to recommend similar articles and most relevant & likely to be viewed articles based on the past & current viewership.

Outage Predection

Recommendation to assist outage and filed planner teams in their efforts to more fully identify risks in the outage planning process for Gas Turbines

AI Automation

Customer Acquisition platform with data collection, lead prioritization and visualization modules for sales team.

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