Natural Language Processing(NLP)


NLP is a field in machine learning where a computer essentially understands, analyzes, manipulates, and potentially generates human language. Natural Language Processing(NLP) is useful in helping computers analyze text easily i.e. detect spam emails, autocorrect. With Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies firms can now mine text data to glean meaningful insights about customer behavior, product usage, feedback & business processes.

Valiance uses sophisticated NLP tools & algorithms for granular level text analysis. This allows you to discover hidden topics, sentiment, create chatbots and automate review processes. We work on all major open source toolkits and third party NLP api’s like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Additonally we have also developed our own proprietary algorithms and vocabularies in certain domains like pharma to speed up outcomes.

Insight discovery

We help you build domain specific dictionaries and algorithms to discover entities, topics and associated sentiment from customer feedback, support requests, emails or social data.

Conversational Interfaces

Build chatbots for customer service and transactional use cases on open source toolkits or third party chatbot platforms from Google’s, Microsoft and Amazon. Integrate with app, website or third party messengers.


Automate, semi automate business process based on text data with human in loop. Route support tickets to agents, customer emails to help desk and automate responses.

Content Recommendation

Recommend articles, blogs to your readers based on content they have read in past or similar content. Build content meta data, keywords to enrich recommendations.

Case Studies

Industry – Digital Marketing

Big data analytics using unstructured data enables enriched customer profiling and personalized marketing campaigns.

Industry – Digital Publishing

Chinese publisher creates personalized experience for web visitors by recommending relevant contextual articles.

Industry – Retail

Singapore based retailer creates chatbot to allow customers ask service related questions using Microsoft Bot Framework.

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