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Data Science

Data Science for Cautiously Optimistic!

In this article, our Co-founder Vikas Kamra has shared his perspective on the companies whom he calls “Cautiously Optimistic” toward data science:

Asset Management Robotic & Cognitive Automation

4 Robotic & Cognitive Automation Use Cases in Asset Management

In this rapid adoption phase of Robotic & Cognitive Automation, where can Asset Management organizations leverage it? Read the 4 use cases here:

Digital Transformation

Shaping for a Digital Transformation

Today, CEOs have to make strategic business decisions considering the digital transformation. Being the CEO of a large company facing digital disruption can seem like being a gambler at a…

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics : The 3 Biggest Trends Changing The Data Eco-system

You don’t need us to tell you that the data world – and everything it touches, which is, like, everything – is changing rapidly. These trends are driving the opportunities…

Big Data

Blockchain : 5 Things you should know about it

Talk of blockchain technology is everywhere, it seems — but what is it, and what does it do? 1. Don’t call it “the” blockchain The first thing to know about…

Data Analysis

3 Future Career Paths Data Analysts Should be Looking at Right Now

This article provides a list of career paths data analysts can take that will help them acquire new skills and add significant value to businesses:

Data Analysis Data Mining Data Modeling

Variable Reduction: An art as well as science

Variable reduction is a crucial step for accelerating model building without losing the potential predictive power of the data. With the advent of Big Data and sophisticated data mining techniques,…

Big Data

Achieving Success With Your Big Data Initiatives – A Vendor’s Perspective

Big data analytics offers revolutionary capabilities but achieving results requires a strategic vision—and a view into how it can create business value. Over the last few years, the term “big…

Machine Learning

Apache Flink Vs Apache Spark

Do we really need yet another big data processing system? This was the first question which popped up when we first got to know about Apache Flink. Big data world…