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Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Chatbot: Not Just Another Software

Conversational AI is positioned to be the next frontier of an engaging consumer experience.We have experienced Google Now and Siri in our day to day lives for some time now and…

Machine Learning

Recommender Systems 101

Have you ever given a thought how e-commerce websites show you products with “Customer who bought this also bought this” or how Netflix recommends movies based on your interest or…

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Deploying Predictive Models

Over the last decade, we have seen tremendous interest in the application of data mining and statistical algorithms, first in research and science and, more recently across

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Improving Predictions with Ensemble Model

Introduction “Alone we can do so little and together we can do much” – a phrase from Helen Keller during 50’s is a reflection of achievements and successful stories in…

Machine Learning

Boosting Performance of Machine Learning Models

People often get stuck when they are asked to improve the performance of existing predictive models. What usually they do is try different algorithms and check their results. But often…

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Dimension Reduction in Predictive Modeling

With the advent of “big data”, data scientists have to deal with the problem of information overload and the concept of Dimension Reduction has become a vital part of their…

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Building Your First Spark : Logistic Regression Model

Spark has recently been gaining traction. So I thought of providing starting point to play with Spark. Have written a simple code for Logistic regression to help  in transition. I…

Machine Learning

What is Topic Modeling ?

Topic Modeling has every growing relevance, specially with most of data being generated is unstructured data. So I thought of explaining what briefly Topic Modeling is. I hope it gives…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps in building High Performing Agent Sales Force

Business Context: A Leading Fashion brand uses direct sales agents to sell products directly to the customer. Agents host product collection in their local areas . fashion brand had reported…