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Natural Language Processing

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)-Part II

“To understand humans, you must understand text. From a business perspective, if you want to understand your customers and how they use your product/service, you have to be able to…

Natural Language Processing

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)- Part I

Introduction “Things like chatbots, machine learning tools, natural language processing, or sentiment analysis are applications of artificial intelligence that may one day profoundly change how we think about and transact…

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4 Business Applications of Natural Language Processing

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) getting popular day by day, what are the 4 key applications of NLP that businesses will be using in 2018? Read Here!

Deep Learning

Google and Deep Learning : How are they using it?

The article explains 4 ways the tech giant is leveraging excessive benefits of Deep learning to solve complex problems and make accurate predictions:

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Chatbot: Not Just Another Software

Conversational AI is positioned to be the next frontier of an engaging consumer experience.We have experienced Google Now and Siri in our day to day lives for some time now and…

Natural Language Processing

Collecting Twitter Stream using MongoDb as storage

Text mining is one of the applications of natural language processing techniques and analytical methods for text data in order to derive relevant information. Over the years, text mining has…

Natural Language Processing

Voice of Customer

Effective Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis allows enterprises to understand customer’s preferences and improve the overall customer experience:

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Machine Learning: Identifying Serviceable Tweets

Twitter is fast evolving as servicing channel, though in a nascent stage. Twitter helps provide near real-time customer support, making brands more reachable and developing perception of customer-focused brand. Tweets as…