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4 Use Cases of Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas Industry

To limit downtime and minimize risks, oil and gas companies are leveraging advanced analytics. Read the 4 use cases of Predictive Analytics oil and gas companies use to improve performance!

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6 applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing in 2018

How will Artificial Intelligence help marketers to identify new potential audiences and customer journeys to improve customer engagement? Read 6 approaches they can take in 2018:

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Dimension Reduction in Predictive Modeling

With the advent of “big data”, data scientists have to deal with the problem of information overload and the concept of Dimension Reduction has become a vital part of their…


Customer Service is the Secret Weapon in the Personalization Game

The most personal brand conversations B-to-C companies are having today occur in a service center or on a retail floor. If CMOs want to personalize the customer experience they should…

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Predictive Analytics Helps Build a High Performing Retail Sales Force

Marketing practitioners today rely on multiple channels to reach their sales goals and customer-facing employees, whether in-store, in-person or on-phone, play a critical role in meeting revenue targets. If these…

Predictive Analytics

Comparing Accuracy of Predictive Models –Visualization

Predictive Modeling is a very prominent approach to forecast or predict KPI’s. These KPI’s could be sales figures, churn rates, death rates, criminal activities, loss forecasting etc. We will take…

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Beyond BI, Before Predictive Analytics

Usage of Advanced Analytics is fast becoming more pervasive amongst Insurers in India. Players with bigger market share and those that have been around in the industry for quite some…

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Making a Case for Subscription Based Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predictive Analytics is slowly but steadily garnering attention from business stakeholders in India. As a means of adoption clients are experimenting with different approaches ranging from bring in consulting companies…

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Customer Retention – External Signals

Persistency is one of the key criterion for measuring long term profitability and health of a Life Insurer. High persistency has a direct impact on top line and bottom line…

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Ensuring Success of Early Modeling Initiatives

Getting First Steps Right Firms across sectors are increasingly recognizing the role of advanced analytics in enhancing business functions and operations.Mature Firms have established dedicated cross functional analytics teams and…