4 ways to enhance efficiency with a business intelligence solution

A business intelligence platform brings a variety of benefits to a business. However, in order to optimize its use and ensure that a firm is maximizing its bottom line with…


How can AI help in cyber security?

Hyperconnected working environments and the development of cloud and portable technologies have started a chain reaction with regards to security dangers. The immense volume of associated gadgets bolstering into systems…

Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Google & Deep Learning : How are they using it

Deep Learning is being picked up a lot of companies these days. With its proven record of optimizing complex operational procedures while also making highly accurate strategic predictions has compelled…

Machine Learning

The 4 Ways Banks Are Using Machine Learning

Banks have always had a close relationship with Data. From back in the days of the crusades when banks first came into existence  by the Knight Templars , right to…

Advanced Analytics Big Data Predictive Analytics

Chief Data Officer : Why your firm needs one ?

Data has become more than just a buzzword — it is now the blood that runs through the veins of every organization, big or small. Raw data describes the facts…

Advanced Analytics Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Credit Risk Scorecard Monitoring & Tracking

Nowadays, Retail Banks are more focused on finding or discriminating the right clients and the wrong ones (Defaulters). From a Credit Risk perspective, a Good Client will be a customer/applicant who has least chances to do default (a low-risk client) i.e. the applicant has low chances to perform default in his obligations. This detection process of identifying or separating a Good & bad applicant/client is where Credit Risk Scorecard comes into play.

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Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning is a type of learning algorithm in which the machine takes decisions on what actions to take, given a certain situation/environment, so as to maximize a reward. The difference between supervised and reinforcement learning is the reward signal that simply tells whether the action (input) taken by the agent is good or bad. It doesn’t tell us anything about what is the best action.

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Variable reduction is a crucial step for accelerating model building without losing the potential predictive power of the data. With the advent of Big Data and sophisticated data mining techniques,…

Artificial Intelligence

Intel AI Day: Bits & Bytes

Intel organized its own version of AI day on 4th April. For those who couldn’t make it in person, the event was webcast live. Various Intel leaders spoke about the…

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Introduction to Principal Component Analysis

Overview The sheer size of data in the modern age is not only a challenge for computer hardware but also the main bottleneck for the performance of many machine learning algorithms….