Natural Language Processing – II

Author: Palash Jain “To understand humans, you must understand text. From a business perspective, if you want to understand your customers and how they use your product/service, you have to…

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Understanding Bi-LSTM

Author: Raghav Aggarwal What is a neural network? Just like our brains are connected with thousands of neurons to process any information and respond to it automatically, an artificial neural…


Natural Language Processing Part I

Author – Palash Jain Introduction “Things like chatbots, machine learning tools, natural language processing, or sentiment analysis are applications of artificial intelligence that may one day profoundly change how we…


Convergence of AI and IoT

The combination of IoT with AI is largely being researched and several papers written in recent times.  There has in evidently been an increasing focus on how IoT and AI…

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AI at Google IO & MS Build 2019

Here are some interesting announcements that Google and Microsoft pitched in Google IO & MS Build event this year. Read more:


AWS re:Invent 2018: Key takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from the recently concluded AWS re:Invent summit that happened last week in Las Vegas, United States.

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Enterprise Big Data Adoption: How to secure Big Data skill needs?

This article addresses the 3 key things an enterprise can do to secure big data skill needs in absence of skilled talent pool.

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3 Use-Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Textile Industry

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Textile Industry can help businesses improve efficiency and augment the capabilities of employees:

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Infograph: 5 Steps To Select A Data Science Vendor

Follow these 5 steps and narrow down your search to select the “right” data science vendor who could maximise the business value of outsourcing decision:

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Enterprise AI Adoption Strategy: Taking The First Step

While AI is taking the world by storm, enterprises are struggling to build a robust AI strategy. To adopt and leverage these next generation AI technologies in best way, CXOs can take guidance from the tips we have covered here!