Computer Vision

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With the massive amount of digital data created these days as text, audio, video, and photos, companies must equip themselves to handle growing analytics-driven needs.

At Valiance, we leverage advanced computer vision solutions to automate the identification of people, places, and objects of interest. Our deep learning models effortlessly extract, analyze, classify, and comprehend valuable information from images and video sequences with outstanding accuracy and speed. We offer several high-value applications across industries, including railways, power utilities, wild life conservation, public safety, logistics, and more.

Why Computer Vision?

Save Costs

Computer vision automates labor-intensive operations, saving money and improving efficiency. It decreases errors and increases quality control and inspection accuracy. It also optimizes energy and raw material utilization, lowering expenses.

Enhance Productivity

Automation frees up staff to work on more complex and creative tasks. Real-time insights and data analysis help organizations make better choices and improve accuracy and productivity. It also boosts production and productivity, thereby improving both profitability and efficiency.

Accelerate Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition by automating processes, generating insights, and speeding up innovation. Firms can learn from visual imagery and apply new ideas, while image and video analysis inspire new goods and services.

Take Preventive Action

Computer vision leverages real-time analysis to minimize operational risks and take preventive action. Proactively detect production faults and safety issues, identify patterns and anomalies, monitor social media and consumer feedback, and swiftly improve procedures.

Use Cases

Virtual Fencing 

Species Identification

Object Recognition And Tracking

Quality Control And Inspection

Virtual Fencing

Virtual fencing, a promising computer vision application, creates virtual borders for livestock management, animal protection, and worker safety. It provides effective and trustworthy solutions for varied sectors with real-time monitoring and automated alarm systems.

Manage livestock in grazing regions, provide safe zones for wildlife near human settlements, avert human-animal conflict, and alert local authorities when animals approach the boundary. By establishing a digital boundary or virtual fence using cameras and sensors, you can monitor and analyze the camera feed and detect movement within the designated area. Virtual fencing can also protect construction workers from injuries.

Species Identification

Our computer vision solution is a powerful tool for understanding the natural world and informing conservation efforts. Using computer vision to identify species can assist biologists, ecologists, and conservationists in automatically detecting and classifying varied flora and wildlife, protect endangered species by assessing their visual characteristics and preserve ecosystems. Seamless animal population monitoring and ecosystem health analysis simplify wildlife management and equip you with insights into habitat loss, climate change, and the impact of human activities on the environment.

Partner with us to enhance your insights while protecting the natural world.

Object Recognition And Tracking

Incorporate powerful object recognition and tracking capabilities to detect security threats and intercept potential breaches in airports and other high-security areas. Robotics and autonomous cars can also benefit from object identification and tracking. You can offer real-time object identification and tracking by evaluating and monitoring visual characteristics and patterns, improving surveillance, navigation, and decision-making. In the retail industry, our object recognition and tracking solution helps monitor customer behavior, analyze shopping patterns, and optimize store layouts and product placement to increase sales.

Quality Control And Inspection

Leverage the power of computer vision to optimize your operations and ensure the highest standards for products and materials by enabling real-time image and video footage analysis, detecting defects and irregularities, and monitoring production lines in manufacturing. Analyzing visual patterns and features helps you quickly identify product defects or flaws in manufacturing and minimizes the need for human inspection. In construction, our technology identifies safety hazards, such as debris or obstacles, and ensures worker safety.

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