AI Applications across Industries

Maximize Revenue, Increase Profitability and Enhance Customer Experience through AI-based Solutions

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Application of Artificial Intelligence has increased exponentially over the last few years across several industries including Edtech, Pharma, Media, Retail, and E-commerce. Increased Data availability, enhanced computational capabilities, and a high focus on customer experience has led to this phenomenal growth and adoption. 

AI-based solutions are transforming the way businesses are conducted across the industries and creating viable opportunities for growth, innovation, and long term sustenance.

Use Case

Predictive maintenance

Reduce downtime and increase asset life by analyzing the plant equipment data to identify anomaly conditions and failure patterns. Predict equipment failure and send alerts to maintenance way ahead of the actual breakdown. Insights on variables that need to be manipulated to extend the equipment lifecycle. Prescribe specific maintenance actions and generate maintenance schedules.

Social Media Analytics

Gain insights into your customers’ perception & usage of your product or services by mining a wealth of public data from various social media channels. Collect & aggregate social media feeds, reviews in on-premise or cloud data lake environment. Perform sophisticated analysis using NLP and machine learning to discover consumer sentiment about various topics.

Customer 360

Build a complete 360-degree view of your customer by aggregating all the customer’s structured and unstructured data across different touchpoints (, over the web, social media, voice calls, emails, etc). Leverage this unified knowledge to launch personalized offers, build intuitive chatbots, and enhance products for exceptional customer service.

Sales analytics

Maximize revenue by enhancing sales performance through AI based solutions. Robust sales forecasting solution for better business visibility. Improve closure rates by targeting leads with higher lead scores derived through predictive analytics. Reduce response time by automating mundane sales tasks such as sending personalized content, setting up meetings, suggesting response templates, etc.