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Valiance is a Leading AI & Data Analytics Solutions Provider Using Cutting Edge ML Algorithms, Data Engineering & Cloud Technology

Valiance is a specialized provider of digital transformation solutions for clients, utilizing our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data engineering, and cloud technologies. Our primary objective is to assist our clients in realizing the full value of their data through a personalized consultative approach that prioritizes high-impact, quick gains initially. We enable digital transformation across several areas, including personalization, marketing analytics, customer 360, demand forecasting, credit risk, fraud, customer engagement, data lakes, data quality, and more. Our team comprises over 150 experts in machine learning, data engineering, and cloud computing, and we maintain a global presence with offices in India (Noida and Bangalore) and the US (Austin, Denver, New York). We have partnered with several renowned brands across various industries, including many Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, we have completed over 100 successful projects and gained expertise across several sectors, including retail, CPG, finance, and energy.

Our Approach To Transforming Businesses Through Data & AI

Through our experience working with clients of varying sizes and levels of data maturity, we have gained valuable insights. Leveraging our expertise, we collaborate with clients through a series of workshops to create a customized roadmap for implementing data solutions. This roadmap focuses on the client's priorities, high-impact areas, and digital maturity. Starting with a small pilot, we gradually expand to multiple use cases with wider adoption. Concurrently, we assist our clients in building internal capabilities and achieving self-sufficiency in key areas through tailored training and capability building.

"As a company that’s growing aggressively and working at an intersection of cutting edge technologies, we expect our people to don multiple hats and keep enhancing their skills. Your career growth is equally important to us and we play our part by exposing you to different types of projects, roles in a year, along with sponsorship of certifications and accelerated appraisals for high performers. Needless to say no organization is perfect and so aren’t we. However. we take all feedback very seriously with continuous efforts to make our workplace one of the best. For potential candidates I say - Don’t seek a job with us, seek a career instead!"

Vikas Kamra, CEO & Co Founder

"Valiance is all about helping our clients solve some of the most challenging problems, all while pushing boundaries of technologies. We have been at the forefront of AI/ML, whether it is designing algorithms to identify new mining location using satellite data, or design treatment efficacy for fertility. Our employee partners are at heart of innovation, with ample opportunities for them to learn, grow and excel. We look forward to welcoming you on-board as Valiance zoom past maglev"

Shailenra Kathait, Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

"Our employees are our greatest asset. Our objective is not to offer you a job, but we offer you a career which you are passionate about and aspire to become in future. Our primary focus is to align your career aspirations with our overall growth strategy. We believe in continuous learning and encourage you to upskill your capabilities by providing opportunities of relevant certifications and trainings. We promise you a rewarding and fun-filled career at Valiance!"

Kavita Yadav, AVP - Human Resources

Our Core Values



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Our Team

Vikas Kamra

Co-founder & CEO

Shailendra Kathait

Co-founder & Chief
Data Scientist

Anindya Palit

Chief Strategy Officer

Kaberi Singh

Sr. VP & Head of Technology

Jarred Kirsch

VP-Business Development

Kavita Yadav

VP-Human Resource

Nishit Verma

Sales Director

Sukanya Sundar

Sales Director

Chirag Tyagi

Associate Director & Head of Public Sector

Our Clients

Our services cater to companies at various stages of analytical and data maturity. In the initial stages, we offer guidance and support to companies on data collection, organization, technology stacks, and team building best practices. For companies with more advanced setups, we assist in expediting their journey towards realizing value from their data.

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