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Uber, Starwood and the Next Stage in Customer Loyalty

“If your early-morning flight to Dallas is delayed, your alarm clock can ring a bit later and the car service automatically notified in accordance with traffic predictions.” I underlined this…

Natural Language Processing

Collecting Twitter Stream using MongoDb as storage

Text mining is one of the applications of natural language processing techniques and analytical methods for text data in order to derive relevant information. Over the years, text mining has…

Natural Language Processing

Voice of Customer

Effective Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis allows enterprises to understand customer’s preferences and improve the overall customer experience:

Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

Building Your First Spark : Logistic Regression Model

Spark has recently been gaining traction. So I thought of providing starting point to play with Spark. Have written a simple code for Logistic regression to help  in transition. I…

Machine Learning

What is Topic Modeling ?

Topic Modeling has every growing relevance, specially with most of data being generated is unstructured data. So I thought of explaining what briefly Topic Modeling is. I hope it gives…

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics Helps Build a High Performing Retail Sales Force

Marketing practitioners today rely on multiple channels to reach their sales goals and customer-facing employees, whether in-store, in-person or on-phone, play a critical role in meeting revenue targets. If these…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps in building High Performing Agent Sales Force

Business Context: A Leading Fashion brand uses direct sales agents to sell products directly to the customer. Agents host product collection in their local areas . fashion brand had reported…

Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning: Identifying Serviceable Tweets

Twitter is fast evolving as servicing channel, though in a nascent stage. Twitter helps provide near real-time customer support, making brands more reachable and developing perception of customer-focused brand. Tweets as…

Predictive Analytics

Comparing Accuracy of Predictive Models –Visualization

Predictive Modeling is a very prominent approach to forecast or predict KPI’s. These KPI’s could be sales figures, churn rates, death rates, criminal activities, loss forecasting etc. We will take…

Advanced Analytics

Data scientist, The Magician?

Isn’t it true? Isn’t this what most of the business folks and CXO’s expect from their data science teams? Yes in fact, this is what we have been told in…