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Lender improves personal loan cross sell by 10-20% keeping portfolio risk intact using predictive analytics to identify low risk, high propensity customers.
Indonesian bank, using predictive analytics, optimizes cash distribution channel to reduce its costs incurred in transportation and borrowed money.
Data science enables world’s leader in Power Generation to discover insights into turbine outages and devise maintenance scheduling strategies.
Singapore based retailer creates chatbot to allow customers ask service related questions using Microsoft Bot Framework.
Education industry firm reduces data entry workload substantially using deep learning based intelligent character recognition for application forms.
Predictive analytics based cross sell marketing results in 100,000 USD of increased business for life insurer in 3 months.
How India’s leading housing finance company used AI in credit risk management— reducing the credit default rate by 66% in just 18 months
How we helped an American Multinational Financial Services Firm completely automate their corporate customer acquisition engine
Here’s how a financial services firm leveraged Predictive Analytics to estimate Net Promoter Score for non-survey responders. Read More-