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The retail sector is evolving rapidly due to omnichannel purchasing behavior, intense competition, and shifting customer product preferences. Customers are increasingly expecting better contextualization of goods and services.

Personalized customer experiences, dynamic supply networks, and successful product innovation are critical to success. Retailers can create greater value with more intelligence in the retail & CPG sector. Using retail data analytics, CPG analytics and ML/AI algorithms can improve marketing ROI, provide more accurate demand and trend forecasting, and help with product planning and assortment.

The Data Conundrum: Challenges Faced By Retailers

In today's digital age, data is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. Retailers face unique challenges in managing and leveraging data to their advantage. The ability to extract insights from data can be the key to success in this highly competitive industry. By implementing effective data analytics strategies, businesses can gain a competitive edge, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately drive growth.

Siloed Data

Vast amounts of data is getting generated from multiple resources such point of sale, customer loyalty programs, social media, customer transactions etc, which is often siloed and gets stored in different formats, making it challenging to access and analyze.

Data Quality

Generally the data is incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent; which leads to flawed insights and poor decision making.

Data Integration

Retailers struggle to integrate data from from different sources to gain a comprehensive view of thier operations due to differences in data structures, formats and systems.

Real-time Analytics

Using traditional data analysis methods may not help retailers keep up with changing market trends & customer demands, leading to absence of real-time analytics.

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Strategic Insights

Leverage our immense experience with global retailers and CPG companies and successful use cases across demand forecasting and supply planning to help you with new product launches, increase on-shelf availability and overcome supply constraints.

An A1 Team

Our functional experts, data scientists and engineers excel at integrating data silos for demand and supply planning. As a market leader in retail data analytics, our consulting team assists you with devising optimal strategies and investments to operationalize data at speed and scale.

Cloud-Native Business Intelligence

Our digital solutions are developed using open architecture and open-source technologies. Extremely flexible, they can be integrated easily with any enterprise supply planning software.

Trustworthy Partnerships

We walk in league with the best. We partner with global supply planning and IBP software product companies like Blueyonder, leading to solution capabilities and a seamless experience for all our customers.

Leapfrog To The Next Level With An Integrated Solution

Demand Forecasting


Supply Allocation

Inventory Optimization

Assortment Planning

Demand Forecasting

From groceries to clothing, businesses rely on forecasts to place their orders. Only by estimating sales accurately would retailers be able to stock the appropriate quantities at each location. Most traditional forecasting systems rely on historical data. However, rapidly shifting product preferences and consumption patterns need a demand forecasting framework that transcends past data and empowers demand planners to estimate demand in a turbulent market. Valiance retail CPG solution unlocks previously inconceivable data processing and prediction capabilities and allows planners to adapt data, processes, and algorithms to current developments using AI/ML-powered solutions. By rapidly identifying patterns, our solution dissects demand into key elements through periodicity, sales promotion activities, marketing increases, etc.


Customers increasingly demand multiple, personalized touchpoints. A Shopping Survey found that 90% of customers feel a brand's ability to tailor their experience affects their spending. Majority of the retail CEOs emphasize personalized shopping experiences. as it enhances revenue, conversions , and customer satisfaction. High-satisfaction sellers also have three times greater returns. Using algorithms, Valiance makes real-time recommendations based on users' shopping intentions, purchase contexts, and online and in-store activities. We can design thorough consumer profiles and uncover engagement possibilities for CPG and retail brands

Supply Allocation

In the digital age, retailing requires the best placement of inventory so that it can be used quickly and economically to meet future demand. Valiance uses a powerful AI and retail predictive analytics engine to recommend the best ways to allocate products based on a various factors, such as projected demand, store/product performance, inventory levels, and more. Intelligent automation can be used to ensure products are sent to the most optimum location, maximizing the ROI on inventory and maintaining customer service excellence.

  • Optimize assortment at the right locations
  • Maximize limited stock perfectly
  • Avoid unnecessary price cuts and overstocking
  • Reduce costs and markdowns to boost sales
  • Inventory Optimization

    Our flexible analytics and retail AI engine can be deployed to even the most niche retailers in months. We help retailers estimate inventory levels using sophisticated analytics including time-series forecasting, categorization, and regression modeling. These tactics optimize inventory by forecasting supply based on customer demand and analyzing product and SKU data to avoid stock-outs and surplus stock.

  • Increase inventory turnover, improving supply chain efficiency
  • Reduce lead times for better efficiency and productivity
  • Benefit from the right products mix and improve stock availability
  • Identify the fastest and slowest moving products and SKUs
  • Reduce inventory holding costs while boosting sales and GMROI
  • Assortment Planning

    A customer-centric retail strategy must involve localizing assortments to fulfil the varying demands of customers, given the current state of the market and the diversity of those needs. Monitoring hundreds of items across several sales channels and shop clusters, determining how much to purchase based on different life cycle methods, and keeping track of the space available in each store, can be difficult. Assortment localization, or the practice of changing product offers or altering delivery schedules for various markets is becoming increasingly prevalent. It helps firms make stock-based investment choices.

    Valiance's cloud-based technology provides powerful analytics and predictive models to localize assortments and plan purchases. Since authorized styles can be viewed in real time, the digital platform makes it easy to monitor progress and collaborate.

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