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This whitepaper proposes a holistic approach for Machine Learning driven defect detection and categorisation in Manufacturing industry!
In this paper, an unsupervised approach for the automated tagging of articles in the Chinese language has been implemented. Unlike the English characters, Chinese characters do not make use of separators.
This paper enlightens the way companies can design Intelligent System to understand their customers’ sentiments better to improve their experience, which will help the businesses change their market position.
This paper proposes an equipment reliability model designed by applying data extraction algorithm on equipment maintenance records residing in SAP application.
This paper highlights a comparison between different time series forecasting algorithms for forecasting noisy time series data. Neural networks based time series forecasting proved to be more accurate & robust.
Hybridised intelligent systems are more adaptable to solving real-world complex problems. In this paper, an attempt has been made to show how a hybrid system involving fuzzy regression analysis and Bayesian Gaussian reasoning can be designed.
This paper enlightens the way unsupervised learning can be used to extract key-phrases for automated tagging of text, with significant accuracy.
For business enterprises, supplier evaluation is of paramount importance. This white paper proposes a two-stage supplier evaluation model by integrating data from SAP application and ML algorithms.
This paper describes an application of hybrid approach i.e. Collaborative Filtering with Content-based in providing relevant & timely article recommendations for a digital publisher.