Client Background

Client is a mobile app based FinTech organization in the Indian market, operating in the space of personal loans, housing loans, health insurance, and mutual funds. Its aim is to make personal finance simple and accessible to a wider set of audience.


 Business Objective

Client had setup new business unit in the housing finance sector. As part of expanding into this sector, client was planning to start growth activities to drive business. They also wanted to keep a track of the referral programs. which they were planning to execute, so that they could reward the winners accordingly. Another objective was, to enable the growth team to be able to enter the new campaign details into a Google sheet, which should start reflecting on the dashboard, avoiding regular intervention of analytics/BI team.


  1. We leveraged data from different customer engagement and communications platforms like MoEngage, AppsFlyer, Kaleyra and Gupshup; which were being used by client
  2. A Superset dashboard was setup for stakeholders to track the progress of newly on-boarded customers via different the different steps of a housing loan journey
  3. A functionality was built for the Growth team to enter the campaign (that they set up using MoEngage) details into a Google sheet. Using Python scripts, this Google sheet was set to be imported into the database on Athena data lake on a daily basis
  4. Based on the details entered into Google sheets, performance metrics for new campaigns started showing up on the dashboard
  5. Response data of the referral program forms was also integrated into the database. In case any new customer who was referred by someone would make any progress into the product journey, it would show up on the dashboard. And in case of a successful conversion of a referred customer, the details of referrer were showcased on other summary dashboards


  1. These dashboards were used by lending business head and housing loans business teams to track the impact/success of their business initiatives
  2. It was also used by the business stakeholders to reward their customer correctly and on time., for those whose referrals were getting converted into client’s paid customers
  3. This also helped in reducing the Growth team’s daily dependency on analytics/BI team to incorporate all new campaigns in the summary dashboards