Valiance Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Noida, June 2022 —Valiance, a data analytics & technology consulting firm, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a service partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to build & deploy digital transformation solutions using AI/ML, cloud and data engineering technologies.


As a Google Cloud partner, Valiance offers customers solutions for improving operational excellence, digital transformation, and IT modernization. Key offerings are around:


  1. AI & Machine LearningDemand Forecasting
    Inventory Optimization
    Credit Risk Assessment
    Debt Collection Efficiency
    Customer Retention
  2.  Customer 360 / Data Unification
  3. Data Lake and Warehousing
  4. Data Quality and Enrichment
  5. Process Automation


We look forward to supporting our customers with their data journey on Google Cloud!


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Valiance is a global AI & Data analytics firm helping clients build technology solutions for digital transformation in areas of Credit Risk, Fraud, Customer Engagement, Predictive Maintenance, Quality Inspection, Data Lake, IoT analytics, Supply Chain analytics etc. Our team comprises 100+ professionals across Machine Learning, Data Engineering & Cloud expertise.