Valiance Solutions At 6th Marketing Analytics Summit, 2023

We participated as a silver partner in the highly acclaimed 6th Marketing Analytics Summit organized by Inventicon. The two-day event, held in Mumbai, provided an excellent platform for networking with industry thought leaders and showcased our commitment to driving innovation in the field of marketing analytics. The event was filled with insightful discussions and presentations by industry experts, allowing participants to gain valuable takeaways and exchange ideas.


Valiance Solutions’ presence at the summit was marked by an engaging booth setup, providing a hub for interactions and discussions. The booth served as an opportunity for attendees to learn more about our cutting-edge analytics solutions and explore potential collaborations.


The Marketing Analytics Summit brought together an impressive lineup of speakers, comprising industry leaders and experts. These sessions covered a diverse range of topics related to marketing analytics, ensuring that attendees gained insights into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in the field.


Our Co-Founder and CEO, Vikas Kamra, was one of the panelist for discussion on the topic of “Use of Various Analytical Tools along with the Best Analysis.” The panel was moderated by Deepak Oram, Vice President-Growth Marketing & Martech at HDFC Bank Ltd. Alongside Oram, the panelists included Akash Agrawal, Director – Data & Analytics at Tata Consumer Products Ltd; Namita Bohara, Lead Customer Centricity & Market Intelligence at Hindalco Industries Ltd and Subhojit Nayek, Head – Digital & Analytics at Piramal Pharma Ltd



Throughout the discussion, the panelists emphasized the importance of leveraging a wide range of analytical tools to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of data.


The panel discussion also touched upon the challenges faced by organizations when implementing and integrating analytical tools into their existing systems. Vikas shared his experiences and expertise, shedding light on the strategies to overcome these obstacles. He emphasized the importance of building a robust data infrastructure, nurturing skilled talent, and fostering a culture that embraces data-driven decision-making.



The 6th Marketing Analytics Summit provided an excellent opportunity for Valiance Solutions to network with thought leaders and industry experts. Engaging in conversations with professionals from diverse backgrounds enriched the experience and facilitated the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The event’s vibrant atmosphere encouraged collaboration and sparked new possibilities for partnerships and innovation.