Client Background

Client is a US based 3 billion USD plus footwear designer and distribution brand with 140 company owned stores and selling in 50 countries. 


Business Objective

Given the disruption caused by Covid pandemic it’s imperative for the customer to break the data silos and incorporate relevant data sources for their demand and supply planning. It’s further required to break away from the manual process of planning by various stakeholders like demand planners, supply planners, S&OP teams etc. To achieve this customer is looking to implement AI/ML driven integrated business planning solutions for supply and demand planning.



Valiance in its role as an implementation partner for IBP solution is responsible for ensuring that datasets required to drive various IBP modules, namely demand planning, supply planning, control tower etc are properly understood; documented and mapped. Thereafter source datasets need to be picked from sources like SFTP or via API calls, cleaned, transformed and fed into the destination system.


To be able to achieve the above, our team of data architects and data engineers worked with the business and technology team to propose a data architecture based on MSBI technologies. MSBI stack was selected considering the existing landscape of technologies. Team narrowed down the data mapping, data models for staging and data load frequencies for different datasets. Over the course of next 6 months we implemented SSIS routines for demand planning addressing below scenarios


  • Data transformations considering downstream needs.
  • Duplicate records and bad data quality
  • Recovery from job failures
  • Notifications for success and failure
  • Audit logs for traceability


SSIS data pipeline processed 50 million & 1 million records for historical and incremental runs respectively.



Valiance’s leadership team has been engaged right alongside their resources making a positive difference in a very difficult project. They are going above and beyond to make the project successful, and I appreciate their contributions very much. Team is knowledgeable and dedicated to the customer’s success
-SVP for Apprarel and Fashion, Global supply chain ISV

Successful data integration for demand planning ensures successful demand forecasts across various product categories, styles, geographies and SKU’s. This will further enable proper supply chain management, sourcing of materials, production planning and distribution.


At Valiance we have developed precise understanding of relevant data for AFL companies w.r.t demand planning, supply planning, S&OP & IBP.  This capability, combined with our ability to correctly analyze all the required data as a result of our expertise in data science enables us to help such clients increase demand forecast accuracies that directly result in better sourcing precision, and more optimized manufacturing & distribution.