Automated Managed Services

Cloud computing, hybrid infrastructure with containers, micro-services & serverless

Automating managed services has become a key need for companies as they look to transition to a new paradigm of cloud computing & hybrid infrastructure with containers, micro-services & serverless becoming popular models of deployment . There are still many aspects of managed services that involve human involvement which generally leads to errors. Automation can address this by handling repetitive tasks like automated key rotation, patch management, enforcing role based access, scanning for vulnerabilities & malware, handling compliances and auditing. Taking this further, ML enabled security systems can help detect high threat vulnerabilities from millions of threats. This will enable development, security and operations teams to focus on issues that need attention hence delivering more value to their organization.


Minimize Errors

Automation can significantly reduce human errors executing repetitive tasks at speed.

Reduce Cost

Automation, in particular ML enabled systems, allow teams to handle more workloads bringing cost efficiency

Reduce Risk

Automating handling and response to threats further reduces risks by allowing threats to be detected and addressed faster


Automated stack can help organizations manage cloud & on-premise infrastructure with extreme agility


Valiance has partnered with Infraguard, an award winning ISO & SOCTYPE2 software,to bring automation to key aspects of managed services for cloud and on premise infrastructure. This includes


Server updation & patch management
Access Management
SOP Automation
Key Management