As an AWS consulting partner, Valiance helps clients leverage cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and data analytics technologies from AWS to solve their most critical business problems and thus improve business outcomes.


Data Analytics

We help customers build data analytics solutions on AWS cloud to store, manage & process data for a variety of analytics workloads. Such workloads can be data lake, data warehouse, Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence.


We work with Industrial Units & Public sector to build solutions on AWS leveraging IoT & Data analytics to transform asset monitoring, reduce quality issues, automate manual workflows and much more. Our cloud based applications integrate with locally deployed sensors, device gateways and third party applications to enable transformative solutions.

Machine Learning

We offer deep expertise on the application of AWS suite of AI services & platforms to address your most critical business challenges. With the help of pre built AI models for a variety of use cases we can help you get started quickly easing the process of AI adoption and then advance rapidly towards building more sophisticated solutions.

Segments Served

Financial Services

Improve customer experience & manage portfolio risk by creating AI powered solutions to predict risk, assign credit limits and prioritize debt collection. Create a centralized data lake to bring together data silos across customer datasets, click stream data, bank transaction data, wallet history, bureau data etc. We have delivered such solutions for both Digitally native financial services companies & traditional finance companies.


Monitor your physical assets remotely using IoT enabled solutions, predict machine breakdown thus reducing unplanned downtime, identify product quality issues using AI & data analytics services on AWS. These solutions are highly scalable, secure and improve over time with data linked feedback loops. We have delivered these solutions for State Power Utilities (Generation, Transmission & Distribution), Forest Department (Govt. of India) & Manufacturing Units.

Power Utilities

Monitor health & utilization of your power plant assets like Generators, Turbines, Water Pumps, Transformers etc with locally installed suite of sensors, device gateway and cloud based IoT application. Cloud based analytics will help your team understand trends in asset utilization, downtime, power generation via centralized console with role based access. Platform is flexible enough to plug in predictive applications to spot anomalies with sensor readings & alert operations on asset breakdown in advance.

Public Sector

Today Central, Stage Govt and various agencies today are leveraging AI & Data analytics to improve delivery of services to citizens, law & order management, environmental concerns & security operations. These applications leverage computer vision, NLP & power of cloud to build sophisticated applications. Being a Public Sector Partner for AWS we are working with various government agencies to accelerate their digital transformation journey.


Credit Risk Assessment

Transform Credit Risk Management through AI based credit risk assessment and monitoring solutions. Automate the process of profiling clients based on their risk profile and identify low risk, high value borrowers. Minimize risk and improve compliance through accurate estimation on how much to lend and generate early warning alerts for proactive risk management & compliance.

Fraud Detection

Real-time Fraud Detection Engine for automated analysis of transactional data and timely reporting of fraud attempts. Anomalies detection and fraud prevention through Neural network-based models that analyze customer profiles, behavioral patterns, and preferences. Identify suspicious merchants by automatically verifying the authenticity of their KYC documents by using computer vision and pattern matching algorithms.

Computer Vision

Identify people, places, and objects of interest in images with much greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency for diverse applications across industries. Automate extraction, analysis, classification, and understanding of useful information from images and video sequences using deep learning models. There are numerous high-value applications ranging from self-driving cars, medical imaging, industrial process automation, national security, climate control, and much more.

Remote Asset Monitoring

Valiance provides a proprietary IoT based platform to enable remote monitoring & diagnostics of power plant’s physical assets. Platform uses a combination of various sensors together with scalable cloud software to deliver a real-time view into asset’s health for the operational teams along with enabling business stakeholders insight into plant efficiency and output.

Case Studies

Explore in-depth case studies of AI & data analytics applications for our clients across financial services, insurance, mining, energy & other sectors

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