IoT Analytics

Harness the Power of IoT Analytics, turn Massive Amounts of Sensor Data into Actionable Insights

IoT Analytics helps manufacturers leverage the massive amounts of data their connected devices and systems generate to optimize production. However, implementing it can be challenging, especially for manufacturers looking to monitor and diagnose their plants’ physical assets.

Valiance offers a proprietary IoT-based platform that enables remote monitoring and diagnostics of plant assets. We use a combination of sensors and scalable cloud software to provide real-time insights into asset health, plant efficiency, and output. Our comprehensive IoT analytics solution addresses data complexity, lack of expertise, and integration with existing systems, enabling manufacturers to optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Our Benefits

Improved efficiency

By delivering real-time insights into production processes and helping manufacturers address inefficiencies quickly, IoT analytics can significantly improve plant operations. Its ability to collect and analyze data from connected devices and sensors allows manufacturers to optimize processes, reduce waste, and improve quality control. It also helps manufacturers predict equipment failures before they occur, so they can conduct maintenance proactively, minimize downtime, and streamline operations.

Enhanced decision making

Manufacturers gain a comprehensive understanding of their production processes, supply chain operations, and customer behavior by collecting and analyzing data from connected devices and sensors. As a result, they can identify trends and patterns, optimize processes, and anticipate market demands. IoT Analytics also provides manufacturers with valuable insights into their operations so they can make data-driven decisions, improve their competitiveness, and drive growth.

Improved safety

IoT analytics can boost plant safety by providing real-time monitoring and early warning systems. Monitoring safety equipment, tracking safety compliance, and analyzing safety incident data can alert manufacturers to potential safety risks, helping them prevent accidents. It also enables manufacturers to enhance workplace safety, reduce the risk of accidents, and protect the well-being of their employees.

Reduced costs

IoT analytics helps manufacturers reduce costs by optimizing their processes and reducing waste. It also helps them predict equipment failures before they occur, so they can conduct maintenance proactively, reduce downtime, and take corrective actions to improve efficiency. Ultimately, manufacturers can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance their bottom line by leveraging IoT analytics.

Use Cases

Plant Operations Monitoring 

Operational Efficiency

Plant Operations Monitoring

Plant operation monitoring with IoT analytics enables predictive maintenance, improves equipment efficiency, optimizes plantoperations, and prevents losses due to theft or inefficiencies. By leveraging predictive maintenance, organizations can reducemaintenance costs and improve the lifespan of their equipment. IoT sensors can be deployed to remotely monitor the performance ofvarious assets, such as vehicles, machines, and tools. This helps improve operational efficiency and prevents theft or losses.Additionally, with instant alerts and status updates provided through remote monitoring, organizations can accurately predict whenmaintenance is needed and schedule regular maintenance to reduce the chances of equipment failure. These preventativemaintenance measures can help optimize operations and reduce costs. Plant Operations

Operational Efficiency

IoT analytics is crucial in improving operational efficiencies by providing real-time insights into data that was previously difficult to access. This allows companies to monitor and optimize their operations to increase productivity, reduce costs, and minimize downtime. For instance, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance can detect faults before they cause costly disruptions in operations and help schedule maintenance and repair work before a breakdown occurs. It also helps with asset tracking, where IoT sensors monitor the movement of assets, such as vehicles and equipment, improving asset utilization, reducing theft, and increasing efficiency

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