AI-Powered Financial Risk Management

Achieve Real-time Credit Risk Assessment, Fraud Detection and Debt Management with an AI-led Risk Management Solution

Transform Credit Risk and Debt Management with AI-based Solutions

Leverage AI based credit risk assessment and debt management solutions to improve your overall portfolio performance. By automating the process of customer profiling based on risk profiles, we help you identify low-risk, high-value borrowers. Our solutions also minimize risk and enhance compliance by accurately estimating loan amounts and generating early warning notifications for proactive risk management and compliance. Our effective debt management solutions help you optimize your debt recovery efforts based on borrower's risk profiles, loan amount and other key business parameters

Harness AI for Credit Risk and Debt Management  

Challenges Faced By Lenders

Data Silos

Digital transformation amplifies data glitches. Data silos and data overabundance can result in an inadequate view of risk exposures, limiting the visibility of patterns and behaviors required for prediction.  

Portfolio Negligence

As the lending landscape evolves, effective risk management and early detection are critical. Portfolio negligence, or inadequate monitoring of loan portfolios can lead to increased risk of delinquency or ultimately non payment of debt.

Obsolete Solutions

As fraud tactics evolve, it becomes critical to consistently adapt and evolve your fraud detection and mitigation solutions. AI-based solutions help firms stay ahead of fraudsters and optimize their risk management and debt management processes for better financial outcomes.

Benefits Of Financial Risk Management

Increased Cost Savings

Failing to identify possible defaulters or rejecting qualified candidates can prove costly. AI-powered credit solutions can process massive volumes of data and assess client's borrowing or repayment risk in real time By identifying trends and generating accurate risk assessment, AI reduces TAT dramatically and improves operational costs.

Risk Minimisation

AI can improve structured finance decisions by accurately predicting ability to repay loans thus providing realistic forecasts of future cash flows. by collecting and contextualizing information to assess a customer's creditworthiness and determine maximum credit limit. By controlling risks proactively, you can improve risk posture and dramatically minimize risk.

Improved Customer Trust

Automating credit risk management helps minimize human intervention, reduce errors and save time. AI also helps predict delinquencies take timely action to reduce losses, and wins customer trust. Unlike traditional scoring models working with clearly defined parameters, AI solutions are intuitive and generate accurate predictions based on new datasets.

Enhanced CX

Digitally-aware customers seek tailored products that can meet them at their point of need. Offering a comprehensive overview of your users, and actionable, contextual insights into their pain points, AI empowers you to deliver a smooth and engaging consumer experience. With access to relevant metadata, you can customize intelligently and increase customer value and growth.  

Use Cases


Loan Origination & Credit Decisioning

Credit Default Prediction

Fraud Detection

Collection Optimization


AI can help evaluate a loan applicant's creditworthiness and determine whether to approve or reject the loan. This involves assessing the borrower's financial history, credit score, and ability to repay the loan. It can identify data patterns and identify potential risks and opportunities, and automate time-consuming manual tasks such as data entry, credit score calculation, and financial statement analysis. Discover how Valiance helps clients with credit risk assessment. 

Loan Origination & Credit Decisioning

When loan applicants submit their forms with details on their financial situation, credit history, and employment status, the AI can quickly calculate credit scores, recognize patterns, analyze financial statements and extract relevant information for loan originators and credit decision-makers to consider. With real-time insights and recommendations based on the loan applicant's financial and credit history, credit risk professionals can make more informed lending decisions, quickly and efficiently.

Credit Default Prediction

AI-based credit default prediction can help financial institutions make faster, more accurate, and more objective lending decisions, reducing the risk of loan defaults and improving overall loan portfolio quality. Automated modeling builds predictive models while dynamically monitoring borrowers' financial and credit histories.The constant flow of real-time alerts on the likelihood of default frees up human resources to focus on other aspects of the loan approval process.

Fraud Detection

As the number of loans made by a bank increases, so does the risk of fraud. Institutions are turning to AI for early detection of negligence and document fraud. Using image analytics, AI can detect subtle facial expressions to determine an applicant's integrity. Investing in an AI-powered fraud detection can be a valuable asset to financial institutions seeking to mitigate risk and protect their customers. AI-powered fraud detection can help banks to prevent financial losses and protect their reputation. Advanced fraud detection measures demonstrate a commitment to ethical banking practices and can increase customer loyalty and trust.

Collection Optimization

An AI/ML-driven collection strategy engine empowers businesses to optimize their collection and recovery processes. By analyzing customer data and behavior, the engine dynamically provides rolling payment risk scores, payment risk propensity, and ML action recommendations for each customer. With this information, businesses can streamline their collections process and minimizing customer churn and saving money. Additionally, by focusing on their existing customer base through risk-calibrated cross-selling and up-selling, businesses can strengthen their overall financial performance while reducing customer acquisition costs, which research has shown can be up to five times higher than retaining existing customers.

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