Supply Chain

Get Real-time Visibility, Achieve Business Process Automation, and Accelerate Innovation through AI-based Solutions.

Traditionally, supply chains involve sourcing raw materials and parts, designing and manufacturing products, estimating demand, setting up sales channels, and providing customer visibility. AI-enabled digital supply chains go one step further. Algorithms provide you with an additional layer of information to drive savings in all areas, such as time, resources, money, and environmental impact.

Using internal and external datasets, independently and in partnership with supply chain planning ISVs, Valiance enables global customers in apparel and fashion, hi-tech, CPG, and retail to optimize their supply chains.

Use Case

Continuous Data Integration & Preparation

of varied data sources needed for Demand Planning, Supply Planning, S&OP etc. Support both batch and real time workloads on multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructure. Leverage our domain knowledge to speed up data preparation, address data quality issues and prepare data for AI/ML use cases.

Demand Forecasting

AI/ML based demand forecasting for SKU’s through top down & bottom up approach. Forecast at channel level, geography and other dimensions. Segment SKU’s in homogenous clusters to achieve meaningful & reliable forecasts. Accommodate new product launches, adjust forecasts for seasonality and trends.

Data Quality Improvement

Address data quality issues using rule & AI based approaches. Leverage cloud API’s or open source technologies, further integrate quality data back into supply planning tools or ERP’s. Keep monitoring the data quality on continuous basis using pre-built dashboards.

Optimal Supply Allocation

Automate & Optimize manual, error prone & offline supply allocation process to ensure fair distribution of supplies to your customers. Refine demand priorities in the existing planning system to incorporate BU and Sales customer priorities. Ration limited supply and manufacturing capacity by reserving supply for priority customers .

Customer Segments Served

Apparel & Fashion
Food & Beverages
Oil & Gas
Automotive Suppliers
Industrial Manufacturers
Consumer Electronics

Make your supply chains more agile and resilient with AI/ML-driven demand forecasting