Client Background

Our client, established in 2015, is the premier public policy think tank of a national government, with the goal of fostering economic growth and social progress. Led by the nation’s Prime Minister, the organization is pivotal in shaping transformative national development strategies. It offers technical guidance across governmental levels and promotes synergistic efforts among federal, state, and local entities, positioning itself as the cornerstone of the country’s policy-making and development initiatives.


Business Objective

The project aimed to develop and deploy an extensive knowledge infrastructure for the client’s initiative targeting central, state, and local government layers. The primary goal was to fortify government stakeholders at different echelons by providing them with accessible and actionable insights in pivotal sectors, notably Skilling and Agriculture. This initiative was designed to cultivate a centralized knowledge hub that would facilitate state, district, and local government officials with Gen AI-enhanced tools, offering immediate access to information and best practices in these critical areas, thereby enabling informed decision-making and fostering impactful regional developments.



The core challenge was to empower government officials nationwide with readily available knowledge to aid in informed decision-making, specifically in the vital sectors of skills development and agriculture.


Our solution entailed the creation of the GenAI Help Desk, a chatbot-driven web application, which serves as a central repository for pertinent information.


  • Targeted Sectors: Focuses on Skills and Agriculture, providing tailored information.




  • Comprehensive Content: Includes over 3,000 documents on schemes, policies, and best practices, emphasizing quick access and clarity.


  • User-Friendly Design: Customized UI/UX for efficient navigation and ease of use.


  • Multilingual Support: Offers content in 11 Indian languages using Bhashini APIs, enhancing accessibility.





  • Interactive Experience: Supports both voice and text interactions for user convenience.


  • Continuous Enhancement: Regular updates based on user feedback ensure the solution keeps improving.


  • Knowledge Empowerment: Provides officials instantaneous access to essential information, significantly reducing dependency on conventional search methods.


  • Informed Decision-Making: The facility to access detailed schemes, policies, programs, and best practices enables stakeholders to make well-informed choices in policy and administration, leading to more effective sector-specific strategies.


  • Operational Efficiency: Centralizes information access, eliminating the need for extensive searches and thereby increasing overall productivity.



The GenAI Help Desk initiative has notably succeeded in:


  • Elevating Knowledge Access: Officials at various administrative levels now enjoy round-the-clock access to critical information in skilling and agriculture, streamlining the information retrieval process and conserving significant time.


  • Refining Decision Processes: The platform’s ability to provide immediate access to detailed and relevant information supports stakeholders in making enlightened decisions, thereby enhancing the quality of policy formulation and administration.


  • Boosting Efficiency:By centralizing resource access, the platform reduces the need for dispersed searches, thereby improving efficiency.


  • Expanding Linguistic Reach: With support for 11 languages, the initiative ensures inclusivity, catering to a broad spectrum of officials across the nation and bridging potential language barriers.


  • Ongoing Platform Evolution: Continuous feedback-driven refinements ensure that the platform remains responsive to the changing needs of its users, maintaining its relevance and effectiveness in facilitating government operations.