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5 ways SaaS companies are using AI for Subscription Management

5 Ways How SaaS Companies Are Using AI For Subscription Management?

In keeping up with the shift from manufacturing to service economy the businesses are evolving to incorporate usage-based product models. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications is one such model…


Convergence of AI and IoT

The combination of IoT with AI is largely being researched and several papers written in recent times.  There has in evidently been an increasing focus on how IoT and AI…

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Stock-outs Create Customer Attrition Risk for Mid-Size Retailers

  Anyone who’s ever had a bag of popcorn at the movies knows how maddening it is to eat the last 5 percent of the bag. The unpopped kernels typically…

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Uber, Starwood and the Next Stage in Customer Loyalty

“If your early-morning flight to Dallas is delayed, your alarm clock can ring a bit later and the car service automatically notified in accordance with traffic predictions.” I underlined this…