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Application of Image Processing and Convolution Networks in Intelligent Character Recognition for Digitized Forms Processing


Shailendra Singh Kathait, Shubhrita Tiwari


Image processing is a rapidly evolving field with immense significance in science and engineering. One of the latest applications of Image processing is in Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Intelligent Character Recognition is the computer translation of handwritten text into machine-readable and machine-editable characters. It is an advanced version of Optical Character Recognition system that allows fonts and different styles of handwriting to be recognized during processing with high accuracy and speed. ICR, in combination with OCR and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), is used in forms processing. Forms processing is a process by which one can capture information entered into different data fields filled in forms and convert it to an editable text. Forms processing systems can range from the processing of small application forms to large scale survey forms with multiple pages. The Recognition Engine, designed using Image Processing and Convolution Networks helps save time, labor and money in addition to the increase of accuracy.

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