Client Background

Our client is the State Power Transmission Utility (STU) responsible for building, operating and maintaining Transmission Substations and Lines at Extra High Voltages (EHV) of 132 KV, 220 KV, 400 KV & above. It endeavors to be among the best Power Transmission utilities in India in operating efficiency, system standards, and commercially viable operation in three years


Business Objective

Client is currently undertaking various IT initiatives to improve its operational efficiency. As a part of the efficiency improvement initiatives, it is in the process of deploying various applications that would help them streamline their processes, reduce the workload of their personnel and improve the internal workflow, communication, and collaboration capabilities. In this pursuit it intends to develop an Online Platform for Monitoring of Transmission Project’s parameters, Operation’s parameters, Finance’s parameters & HR’s parameters on Real-Time Basis acting as a decision support system for itself.



Valiance team spent the initial few weeks with the client to understand KPI & access control requirements of different business units. We further discussed with the client’s IT team to understand their present application stack, deployment infrastructure, and their technology roadmap. Considering different internal stakeholders needs and varied access requirements we proposed a suite of web & mobile-based applications built natively for the cloud. AWS was selected as the cloud platform with its alignment with the client’s technology roadmap and vision of IT as a business catalyst.


The next three months were spent in extensive design & development activity power transmission utility covering


  1. Designing User interfaces & user journeys for both web & mobile workflows
  2. Designing data architecture on the cloud to support the ingestion of input data and storage of processed data & KPI’s for BI consumption. We used S3 for input data storage and RDS to store KPI’s.
  3. Development of data pipeline to ingest data into S3 and then process and move data to RDS.
  4. Development of Website & Mobile App, both Android & IOS. The website was deployed using Elastic Beanstalk with Route 53 acting as a DNS provider.


We followed agile methodology during the design & development phase. After another 1 month of client UAT & feedback, the application was moved to the production environment and three years of historical data was migrated. Incremental data migration was set up at a daily frequency. Mobile Apps were also pushed to the android and IOS app store.


  • Inherent cut down in reporting time to less than an hour compared to days & weeks in certain departments presently.
  • Substantial cost savings, to the tune of 90% in manual efforts spent on consolidating datasets and report generation.